Assassin’s Creed Unity Behind-the-Scenes of Rob Zombie’s French Revolution, by New Science

- “Go behind the scenes with famed musician and Master of Horror Rob Zombie and The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore as they explain the development of their latest animated short which reimagines the dark and violent history behind The French Revolution, the upcoming setting for Assassin’s Creed Unity. Watch in-depth interviews with the creators as they provide an inside look into each part of the development process, from the initial concept to the finished feature film. ”

Assassin’s Creed Unity Presents: Rob Zombie’s French Revolution, by New Sciencie

- “Publicado a 25/07/2014

Assassin’s Creed Unity teams up with famed musician and Master of Horror Rob Zombie to depict the chaotic and brutal events behind the French Revolution. Illustrated by The Walking Dead co-creator, Tony Moore, this animated short brings to life the gory details, bloody battles, and terrifying events of the revolution.

Produced by

New Science

Animation & Editing


Sound Design

Brendan Hawkins

Animation & Editing


Sound Design

Brendan Hawkins

Zweifel “Monsterfish” / KOMPOST - Breakdowns

- “Client: Zweifel Pomy Chips AG

Agency: Advico Y&R

Animation Studio & Production Company: Kompost

Cretive Director / Director: Oliver Conrad

Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti

CG Supervisor: Semir Kaleh

Animation: Laszlo Nyikos

Character rigging: Víctor Vinyals”

League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn, by Blur Studio

- “Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.”

OMEGA - A Stop Motion Animated Short, by Eva Franz & Andreas Goralczyk

- “The end of evolution awaits in a wasteland dominated by bizarre trash formations, dust and rock. From the scattered remains of a long forgotten culture an electric ecosystem rapidly evolves into the ultimate form of existence…

The mechanical life form Ohm inhabits a bleak and devastated planet. The thousands of mechanical creatures of this world share a single cycle of energy. In this cycle, Ohm is a rogue element. His nature is to devour and absorb others. When one day a gargantuan foreign object appears in the skies. Drawn in by mysterious creatures of light, the Ohm tracks them across the planet, changing the known order of matter, time and space.

Directed by Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk this extraordinary animated short film fuses high-end CGI and photographic images, miniature sets and traditional stop-motion puppet animation.”

Making Of BotWars Trailer, by Alex & Steffen

- “This is a small making-of created for the BotWars trailer. The whole shoot took place in Toronto, Canada September 2013 and the postproduction was done at Unexpected in Stuttgart, Germany.”

The Making of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites VFX, by Miguel Ortega

- “A short breakdown of the Skrillex Video, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

Skrillex, scary monsters and nice sprites, by Miguel Ortega

- “Visuals Created by Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma

Directed by Miguel Ortega

Production Design by Tran Ma

Music by: Skrillex

VFX CREW: Barry Wilson , Alon Helman, Mauricio Santos, Chris Bostjanick ,Clay Osmus, Soheil Danesh

made with love in a living room”